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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Giant devil's penis gets cut off in This is the end

What: Movie Review

          Yup, you heard it right. This is just one hilarious moment in Seth Rogan's new horror comedy, This is the End, which is out in theaters now. The movie stars Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny Mcbride, Jay Baruchel and various others actors who all play themselves when the apocalypse happens in Hollywood.
           It's a laugh out loud very raw comedy, and the movie is energetic and even slightly originally to make up for its flaws. There hasn't been a comedy like This is the end, well, let me rephrase that, there has never really been a comedy like This is the end. It's absurdity leads to laughter and by the first twenty minutes of the film, you kind of say to yourself, well I'm along for the ride so let's just take whatever these bamboons are going to through at me. Which, is a lot. The actors in this movie are what makes the film, especially a hilarious presentation by Craig Robinson. Craig of course, stars as himself.
       The movie follows these actors as they have a huge house opening party at James Francos, and you get a first hand experience at how they may actually act in real life outside of acting. Which is completely insane and asinine. That being said, it is pretty impossible not to laugh out loud several times by the first twenty minutes of the film. The actors constantly bash each other during the entire movie, even and especially during life and death situations which happen often. There's even a surprise guest appearance by fan boy star Emma Watson, who shows up sexy as hell with an ax to Franco's after the Apocalypse has already been under way. The movie takes several weird twists and turns, and at times I was thinking this may be just a joke playing out to the actors in the film, but no this movie is actually about the Apocalypse and the end of the world. There's even some scary moments and I myself even jumped one time during the movie.
       The movie has a lot of unique scenes to it which I won't describe and give away which makes up for a dodgy screenplay. However, as a huge Seth Rogan fan (who actually wrote the screen play himself and produced the film), I recommend this film to others who want a good comedy to enjoy this summer. While the film's not the perfect comedy by all means, and your kind of left with a 'what the ##$$' expression at the end of it, it's actually a laugh and probably will be one of the better comedies this year. Once you get over the intense oddity in the movie, you may actually enjoy the film and accept it in your Seth Rogan movie pack with his other memorial films. And let's not forget, any Seth Rogan film is far from normal, but this one is a bit over the top in a very good way.

 Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars ***/*

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