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Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Quiet Place is a modern horror masterpiece, A

Short but sweet, A Quiet Place is proof that there still can be original ideas in the horror genre that can provide us with both compelling stories, great acting and ultimate chills.

Husband and wife team Emily Blunt and John Krasinksi are back, this time with modern horror masterpiece A Quiet Place. The film is near perfect in almost every way, and although some parts of it can be truly scary and unsettling, it's horror that at the same time is highly entertaining. It's incredibly short, and that's the only downfall to this film, but it has an incredible ending that's a reminder of what a great horror flick can be from the beginning to end.

As much as A Quiet Place is about the post apocalypse and scary creatures that haunt it in every turn, what makes this film a exceptionally beautiful is that it's centered around family survival. This is what propels it from being just another creature feature, and and it's core, Blunt and Krasinksi do an amazing job, both with acting and their devotion to the film. It's hard to be the center pieces of a film like this, let alone a script where there's just a few lines, but they manage to pull it off and then some. Blunt secures her position as one of the best modern actresses around in Hollywood, and this film makes fans excited for whatever she does next.
However, that's just not the only great thing about A Quiet Place.

The music throughout the film is perfect, adding to the ultimate creepiness of the scenes and format. Because there's hardly any talking, the music and soundtrack really plays an important key roll here, and they succeed tremendously.

Of course, the best thing about the film by far are the creatures. Their ultimately scary, and the way the director presents these beasts throughout the film couldn't have been better in any way. Some films wait to show their monsters until half way or even towards the end of the film, but A Quiet Place actually benefits showing them earlier because it adds to the horror element of the film.
Lastly, the ending to A Quiet Place is great. While some can argue it could have been extended to see what happens, it's somewhat of a happy and satisfying conclusion to the film, unlike many modern horror flicks today that seem to abruptly end at the last second.

The only negative thing about the film is that it's just 90 minutes long, and at the end of it, you want to see more of it's incredible world that what's been offered.

Other then that, A Quiet Place is extremely well done, and it's a modern horror flick that can be enjoyed by fans of all genres. It's not slasher horror and there's hardly any blood in it, but it's more scarier then most slasher films that are out there. It's a beautiful film and an original idea that will be hailed as one of the best modern horror flicks of today.

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