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Monday, March 7, 2016

Fall Out Boy sells out Syracuse, A-

Above: Patrick Stump of Fall Out boy screams into the microphone at the War Memorial Oncenter this past weekend.
Last night, Chicago tour veterans Fall Out Boy came to Syracuse to a sold out crowd at the War Memorial Oncenter. The noisy crowd cheered frantically as Patrick Stump and the boys came on stage, then began to deliver Syracuse a great set that consisted of mostly old songs with some new ones thrown in.
It isn't everyday you get to see Fall Out Boy. Admist all the controversy, the band is surprisingly good live, and all of guys in the band are entertainers as much as they are musicians. The crowd was great, dancing and singing their heart outs to fan favorites like 'Sugar I'm going down,' 'Centuries' and 'Arms Race.' The concert event became emotional too as bassist Pete Wentz discussed his kids to the crowd and how the audience is the reason why they are there at all.
The best thing of the night by far was Fall Out Boy's set list. They played mostly older tunes, and the few newer ones they did play were everyone's favorites. Almost every one in the audience was singing their hearts out to every song the band played, proving that the group still has some dedicated fans across the nation. While there was nobody above 30 in the crowd, and it was dominated by mostly females, there were pockets of guys there who were singing along and even dancing to the songs like everyone else. And let's be face it, how can you not dance to 'Uma Thurman?'.
The sound for Fall Out Boy was excellent, improving greatly over Awolnation's disappointing opening set. But the star of the night was the light show. Although it's not as great as String Cheese's or Lotus, Fall Out Boy and Awolnation both have impressive and somewhat different light shows as layers shot through the crowd. The band even shot some pyro off for 'Centuries', and snow fell down onto the crowd throughout the night from the ceiling.
Unfortunately, Awolnation was the reason why the entire event last night wasn't as great as it could have been. The Californian native proved he puts a lot into his performance, but overall his set was lukewarm at best. The entire set was so loud your ears hurt afterwards, (It was even louder then Fall Out Boy), and the bass dominated most of the music, draining everything else out. Live, his music is vastly different from his studio work, and you could barely hear anything familiar to radio tunes like 'Sail' and 'Hollow Moon'.
However, openers PVRIS were exceptional good. Lead singer and guitarist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen proved she definitely has what it takes to capture an audience as she screamed and sang into the mic with an impressive back up band. A cross between Halestorm and indie, PVRIS is for sure a group to look out for in the coming years in the vast music industry.
Overall, the concert last night was both entertaining and musically good, helped by Fall Out Boy's setlist and performance. Fans were satisfied at the end, and that's what every concert is all about.
Setlist Fall Out Boy Syracuse, NY at the Oncenter March 6th, 2016:
2) Sugar, Were going Down
3) The Phoenix
4) Hum Hallelujah
5) Alone Together
6) Take over, the breaks out
7) The Kids aren't alright
8) This ain't a scene, it's an arms race
9)  Novocaine
10)  Disloyal over Water Buffaloes
 11) Save rock and roll
12) Fourth of July
13) Grand Theft Auto
14) Uma Thurman
15) Dance, Dance
16) American Beauty
17) Jet Pack Blues
18) I don't Care
19) Thanks fr the Mmrs
20) Centuries
21) Light em Up
22) Saturday
All Photo Credit Rachel F Vanslyke
All Photographs taking on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 in Syracuse at the War Memorial Oncenter
Opening band PVRIS:

 Fall Out Boy

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