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Monday, April 20, 2015

Modest Mouse gives Ithaca it's all despite poor sound, A-

What: Concert Review
Who: Modest Mouse
Where: Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY
When: Sunday, April 19th
Above: Lead Singer Isaac Brock performs with Modest Mouse Sunday, April 19th, 2015 at Barton Hall

Indie rock titans Modest Mouse performed in Ithaca last night at Barton Hall to a sold out crowd. The event sold out months before hand, as most Modest Mouse concerts do. Despite poor sound quality, Modest Mouse gave a great and energetic performance with an impressive set list that mixed older songs from their hay day with several new ones off 'Strangers to Ourselves'.
The Concert was held at Ithaca's Barton Hall, the college gymnasium. Barton Hall has hosted a number of concerts in the past few years, including most notably Bob Dylan several years ago and more recently Icona Pop. However, the building is more meant for it's indoor track field than concerts. Although the sound of the concert was loud, the quality was off centered and the volume continued dipping and increasing at several points throughout the show. This proved to be an inconvenience and the opening band was much louder than what they should have been.
Overcoming the sound quality, Modest Mouse was on top form. Lead singer Isaac Brock was more commutative than ever, joking around with the college crowd throughout the night. The band was energetic and giving rock n roll some swing and their ultimate best with each member performing hard and solid their entire performance. The two drums set up in the back were a good balance to the band's guitars keyboard and violin.
The crowd was dominated by college kids, but there were some die hard Modest Mouse fans mixed in as well as some older folks in their 30s and 40s that blended in best they could.  Surprisingly, there were more females in the crowd than males. While it wasn't a complete dancing time, everyone showed their appreciation to the band one way or the other.
The setlist to the concert was impressive to say the least. While half the songs came from their new album, 'Strangers to Ourselves' the band included two songs that they rarely play live which is always a debut. They debuted for the first time live the title track off their new album.
Brock and Company didn't shy away from their older tunes either, giving high end energy performances of 'Heart cooks Brain', 'Never Ending Math Equation,' 'Ocean Breathes Salty' and of course, 'Float on'.
Modest Mouse played extremely well in Ithaca, NY last year and are a band not to be missed this upcoming summer during their sold North American tour and festival appearances.

Overall grade: B+ or A-

1) Of course we know
2) Dark Center of the Universe
3) Ocean Breathes Salty
4) Lampshades on Fire
5) Tiny Cities made of Ashes
6) Strangers to Ourselves (First time live)
7) Bukowski
8) This Devil's Workday
9) Never Ending Math Equation
10) The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box
11) Sleepwalking
12) Dashboard
13) Out of Gas
14) Heart Cooks Brain
15) The Best Room
16) The Tortoise and the Tourist
17) The Good times are Killing me (Extended)
18) Night on the Sn
19) Coyotes
20) Float on
21) Splitting Venom
22) Satin in a Coffin)

Photo Credit Leo Pareti
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Modest Mouse:

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