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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Marvel's Agents of Shield is spellbinding in Season 4, A+

Above: Ghost Rider and his flaming head return in Marvel's Agents of Shield season four.
Although it's hard not to enjoy Netflix's Marvel shows like Daredevil & Luke Cage, sometimes its hard to forget the one that started it all-Agents of Shield. In it's 4th season, the ABC show returns with it's best season to date, beautifully introducing Ghost Rider onto the small screen.

 Agents of Shield is back with Season Four. Fans of the show that have stuck with it since the beginning know what a marvelous job they did with Season Three and super villain HIVE. Now, the show has returned with a season that's somehow even better then the previous one, making it one of the best things Marvel has to offer in it's cinematic universe.

Like season three, season four introduces some new elements to Agents of Shield. For the first time, the show departs from Agent Colson and his team in a marvelous way, introducing one of Marvel's most under dog super heroes, Ghost Rider. Shield does a truly awesome job with the character. The actor who plays him is brilliant, putting a different spin on the popular legend.

While the show is still obsessed with Inhumans and it's top female character Daisy (previous Sky), it does a great job putting new twists to each of these elements in it's fourth season.

The acting in season four is better then ever, especially with the chemistry revolving around Daisy and Ghost Rider. Clark Gregg is still fantastic as Agent Colson, who has great changes to deal with involving his character.
Everyone's favorites Elizabeth Henstridge and Ian De Caestaeceker are wonderfully back as agents Simmons and Fitz. But perhaps the best ones who shows off their acting skills in the fourth season are Chloe Bennet as Daisy and Ming Ne Wan as Malinda May, truly pushing these characters to the next level. They are fantastic to watch on screen even after several seasons on air.

Of course, with all said and done, the highlight of season four is Ghost Rider. He's so magically done that it's almost too good. The special effects, especially with his flaming head and the car, are awesome. Their not your usual campy CGI that often happen with super hero shows. Everything about the character is near perfect, and we look forward to what happens next.

The only bad thing about season four is for viewers to have to watch all three previous seasons in order to catch the awesome power of Ghost Rider. If Agents of Shield would have done this in it's first season, there would have had been a lot more viewers and fans that would have stuck with the show. Even so, season four is the best season of Shield yet, making it greater and more fun then all of Marvel's Netflix series.

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