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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lake Street Dive prove their the best at Jazzfest A+

Above: Rachael Price & Mike Mike Calabrese of Lake Street Dive perform @ Syr Jazzfest 2015

Like the 2015 Syracuse Blues festival just this past weekend, Syracuse Jazzfest screamed of talent this year with headliner Aretha Franklin & up and comers Lake Street Dive. However, despite how great Aretha was, Rachael Price & the gang from Lake Street Dive plowed through a performance that was both awe inspiring to watch and to listen.
As soon as Rachael, Bridget, Mike & the band graced the stage with opener 'Bad Self Portraits', you knew the night was going to be a special one. Everyone watching had to admit it was entertaining as ever to see Rachael dance and swing to the band's great harmonizing of music. This girl knows how to dance and sing.
Rachael's voice was so powerful it was almost eerie to listen to, and at the very least, captivating. The group sang some great harmonies together as well.

Watching the band roll through a good an hour in half set list at Syracuse Jazzfest (with an encore for an opening band no less), everyone in the crowd could see it's no wonder why they were last year's Rolling Stone Magazine's top band to hear.

What was so moving about Lake Street Dive's performance is that Rachael wasn't the only popular one of the gang. The crowd constantly screamed Bridget Kearney's name to move up and deliver the string bass, which she did throughout the performance.
She got lucky as she decided for the band to perform a great Van Halen cover of Jump, which got Jazz fest up and going for Aretha.

Drummer Mike Calabrese and multi instrumentalist Mike Olsen both had their moments as well as they dazzled the crowd.

And leave it to  Rachael who said delightfully, 'It's hard to not think of Aretha Franklin every moment while were up here.' Later on she mentioned while also showing some respect for the queen, 'We definitely will be up front and center for Aretha.'

Lake Street Dive played one of the best performances of recent Jazz Fest memory, and their setlist was perfect consisting of all their songs and several great covers as well.
It was hard to follow up that performance.

One great voice lead to another. Near 9:45PM Aretha Franklin came on stage with a beautiful sparkling dress and an orchestra behind her, complete with members of her own band and local Syracuse talent.
While she had numerous breaks between her sets like usual, Aretha's voice sounded great as ever as well.  It was great listening to the Queen of Soul sing out 'Chain of Fools,' 'Natural Women,' and 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T.' which was interesting because last time she performed at Jazzfest in 2007 Aretha opened with that song, and now she decided to end with it.

Although Aretha's performance wasn't as near perfect as Lake Street Dive, it was an honor for everyone at Jazzfest this year to be able to see a music legend and she performed for a good hour and 45 minutes as well with plenty to discuss and sing about to the crowd. The band behind Aretha was great too, often filling in for when she went off stage for breaks.
Over all, Jazzfest 2015 was an exceptional night with two musical acts that would please anyone's ear, not just Jazz fans.

(A+ for Lake Street Dive, A- for Aretha)
Lake Street Dive
1) Bad Self Portraits
2) Stop Your Crying
3) Clear a Space
4) Look @ What Mistake
5) I Don't Care about you
6) Use me Up
7) Spectacular Failure
8) Elijah
9) What I'm Doing Here
10) Wedding Band
11) Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox cover)
12) Bobby Tanqueray/Jump (Van Halen Cover)
13) Close to me
14) Seventeen
15) Hello? Goodbye!
16) Rabid Animal 
17) You Go Down Smooth
18) I want you Back (Jackson 5 Cover)

Aretha Franklin
1) Your Love Keeps Lifting me Higher and hIgher
2) Natural Woman
3) Baby I love you
4) Think
5) Do Right Woman
6) Chain of Fools
7) Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
8) I never Loved a man (The Way I Love you)
9) Bridge over Troubled Water
10) R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Lake Street Dive @ Jazzfest 2015
Photo Credit Leo Pareti & Justin Gorelick



Aretha Franklin
Photos by Justin Gorelick

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