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Monday, November 3, 2014

Primus delivers the Bass in Rochester, A-

Primus delivers the bass

What: Concert Review

Who: Primus

When: Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Primus in Rochester, NY 2014

This time of year, being Halloween, might be the best time of year to
experience a Primus concert, especially with their new tour and album
being Primus & the Chocolate Factory.
The temperature was cold in Upstate NY as usual in the beginning of
November, but that didn’t stop several thousand people from gathering
into Rochester’s Main Street Armory to view Primus and check out what
their new tunes are like live from the Chocolate Factory.
After a miss adventure not only going to the wrong music venue and the
wrong part of town, as well as some other implications, this review
finally ended up at the show just as Primus began to play ‘Jerry was a
Racecar Driver’.
The first music set of Primus ended with a fantastic performance of
‘My name is Mud’ which got the crowd on their feet and dancing. Most
of the crowd were in their 20s or lower 30s, with a good mix of both
male and females experiencing the show.
Being one hundred years old and one of Rochester’s main concert
venues, the Main Street Armory was a good place for a Primus concert.
The sound carried off well and you could hear every instrument clearly
including Les Claypool’s bizarre vocals.
However, most people know what they want to hear when they go to a
Primus concert: the bass. Tonight was no exception. The bass thundered
away into the armory, blending perfectly well with the drums and
This tour was something completely different than all other Primus
concerts before hand as it completely focused on the band’s new album
Primus and the Chocolate Factory. The songs from the album sound
fantastic live, as all Primus songs do, and the stage set up was as
weird as ever.
The band clearly showed their dedication to the old Willy Wonka and
the Chocolate Factory movie, with giant mushrooms on stage and two
Oompa Loompas who came and danced to the delight of the crowd.

The stage set up was a hoot.

Les Claypool himself even came out dressed as Willy Wonka halfway

through the show.

Primus were on top form last night, and the crowd was loving the new

music, dancing and swaying to all the new tunes. They are a group
where you don’t have to hear hit single after single to enjoy a
concert, and that showed more than ever despite the lack of older
Being Halloween couldn’t be a better time to check out the
group, however anytime of year is a treat to see Primus. While the band does play a lot of new songs this tour, they are a great fit and worth watching, especially Les Claypool in a Wonka outfit. For this tour, they perform a solid near three hour set that's hard to miss.
A- or B+
(Photos & Set list Coming Soon!)

Set list:
Set 1:
1) To Defy the Laws of Tradition
2) Last Salmon Man
3) Frizzle Fry
4) Jilly's on Smack
5) Too Many Puppies
6) Eyes of the Squirrel
7) Jerry the Race Car Driver
8) American Life
9) My Name is Mud

Set 2: Primus & The Chocolate Factory (Complete)
10) Hello Wonkites
11) Candy Man
12) Cheer up Charlie
13) Golden Ticket
14) Lermaninoff
15) Pure Imagination
16) Oompa Augustus
17) Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride
18) Oompa Violet
19) I Want it Now
20) Oompa Veruca
21) Wonkmobile
22) Oompa TV
23) Farewell Wonkites

24) The Heckler
25) Southbound Pachyderm
26) Duchess and the proverbial Mind spread


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