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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before Midnight is not as good as the first 2 of the trilogy, but still winds up descent

What: Movie Review

Before Midnight : A Review

         Well, after much debating, I didn't see Superman nor This is the end this weekend.
Instead, i got the privilege of seeing limited release film Before Midnight, the 3rd and final in the romantic trilogy staring Ethan Hawke & Julie Dupree. Let's begin by talking about how the film is not as good as the Before Sunset nor Sunrise.
            With the setting almost twenty years after the last movie, Before Midnight is very unlike from the first two films and suffers from its harshness and difference between the two characters that made you fall in love with them and the films in the first place. The film's tone and relationship between the characters are completely different than the star crossed lovers that you came to love. Unlike the first two films, many of the topics of the conversation that existed in the first two films between the two characters that made it so fascinating are gone and replaced with more in real life problems and in real life situations such as mothering, parenting and relationship drama. However, that being said, the film over all is still good, and some of the charm of the first movies are still present. There are some particular scenes that remind you of the first two films that truly make you present in these two characters conversations, not watching them from afar.
        The acting by both Hawke and Julie Dupree is superb and daunting knowing that they had to follow alongside a near two hour film of just dialog that other up and coming actors need to pay attention to. To some this may sound extremely boring, but these two actors manage to keep you interested throughout most of the film as they did so in Before Sunrise & Sunset. They have truly come to shine and know their characters (as they should) by this 3rd movie, and Julie Dupree in particular has incredible acting skills playing her part.
        The best part of the Before movies, especially in Midnight, since it exists in a sci fi and super hero dominated market is how different they are than what's out there in the industry today. This is a prime example where you don't have to have special affects, violence, horror, or a intense dramatic event to keep you interested and enjoy a film. Everything about the film (despite the setbacks) flows evenly and well paced especially the acting and screenwriting. Dialogue is an important part to any movie, and Before Midnight is a prime example of it.
         To some of it up, Before Midnight is still no doubt a good movie and fans of the first two films will not be disappointed despite the films differences from the first 2 films. The scenery and a few of the scenes themselves are spectacular throughout the movie (like the first two films its shot in an european setting in an ancient area)  and it is worth seeing. And, like the previous first two movie, this movie ends in an uplifting note and always a question where you are hoping to see the love between the two characters last in a happy ending.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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