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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paramore's new album self titled Paramore (1st review!)

What: Music Review

         My, My have things changed. Most of us in the punk/rock world remember when Paramore were just babies crawling out into the Universe and everyone saying, 'Dude, they've got a hot female redhead for a lead singer!'. Since then, Paramore has progressed to becoming a major rock band selling over a million albums, headlining festivals and selling out almost every one of their headlining tour dates. Paramore's third album, their self titled debut release named Paramore, is their most successful selling album so far. The new sounds of Paramore are greatly different then their last two albums in a nutshell. Like every band, with success comes change, and Paramore is no stranger to change.
Paramore's change did not only come through music, but of course drama and line up changes within the band. Just last year, the group lost two of its founding members, the brothers Farros, who played lead guitar and drums, respectfully. That is another story to be told for now. However, the band still continues on with three of its original members-Haley, the rhythm guitar player and bass player. Despite the new changes, the band isn't afraid to shape things up a bit with a new top selling album and tours (that have sold out almost everywhere).
The girl in us screams of those emo punk songs and hard lined edge Paramore has brought us in the past. But now, Paramore's music has changed from those punk songs into more materialized efforts that came out as an hour long album effort, complete with song interludes. One can be reminded of how Green Day changed greatly with 'American Idiot', but thankfully, Paramore hasn't changed that much. There are still some of those punk raging songs on the album that will make be punk rockers again, but most of the album has a tinted, softer affect to it. Even the hit single, 'Now' is a little bit more Tamer then all of Paramore's previous singles.
As a Paramore fan, I'm not essentially disappointed with the new change Paramore is going through. Every rock band goes through changes, especially ones fronted by female stars. In fact, now might be the perfect time for a new slight edge for Paramore's music as more and more new fans will join the cause. Haley's voice is as good as ever, and with just one listen to the album you can tell how much she has progressed as a lead singer.
With good comes the bad. While Haley's voice has progressed, her lyrics have not changed, and in order to really step up in the rock world, some of her songs need to have a deeper meaning to them. The new band needs to be able to find its right sound that matches with Haley as well, because we all know she is Paramore.
Despite the lack of lyrics and deeper meaning, some of the softer melodies of the album are actually extremely pleasant to listen to, and I was surprised at how much I did like the new sound. While some people may not agree, I think Paramore might be heading into the right direction with this album.
Fans of Paramore should no doubt listen to the album as it's better then alot of the other similar bands out there right now. Since their beginnings, and even since their last album everybody loved, Paramore has changed. You can decide for yourself if the change is good or not, but for me, this change signifies something a little bit different and musically entertaining in the Paramore world.
Overall Rating: *** out of 5 Stars
By Leo Pareti

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