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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

American Hustle is a Tour De Force Movie

What: Movie Review

Short Review:

One of the big block buster movies opening up this 2013 Holiday season that many people may not have heard about or shy from season is American Hustle. Why they haven't heard about or shying away from it and seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty instead is a big mystery. Why should you care about American Hustle? Simply put, its one of the best movies that have came out before and has an incredible all star cast that any movie fan should care about. The pacing of the film, acting, storytelling, directing and cinematography all make this film amazing and top notch material.

In Length:

Every actor in the film is brilliant and lead powerhouse performances, especially Christian Bale, who looks as if he has gained fifty pounds or more in order to do the role. The camera man of the film, or rather the entire movie seems to be in love with Amy Adams as ever too often the camera jumps to her and runs up and down her body showing off her many 70s style dresses that she wears. And is it an issue? Of course not, if anything it works to the movie advantage because Mrs. Adams performance in this film is, as always, superb. With this movie, Amy Adams shows that she's one of the most promising American actresses on the scene right now, and, being in more than three films this year alone, is one of the most busiest. Another busy American Actress and fan favorite is also in the film-Jennifer Lawrence. However, Hunger Game fanatics who want to catch the store in something else may be in for a shock as she delivers a great performance as a 70s new york house wife that is worth watching alone. Another reason to watch this movie? Keep an eye out for the infamous bathroom seen that's creating a lot of buzz in Hollywood between her and Amy Adams. Finally, we come to Bradley Cooper, who plays the FBI agent trying to catch all of the crooks in the film (the actors listed above). His performance is spectacular as well, even being often head to head with Christian Bale.
American Hustle is one of the best films of the year and a must sea for any movie fan. This holiday it should be on top of everyone's list. It's highly entertaining and well worth your time.



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