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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Go see Captain America, Cap' Orders!

What: Movie Review
Who: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
When: April 2014
Why: The sequel to Captain America & 3rd film featuring the classic hero (Avengers)

This weekend at the movies there's really only one film you need to pay attention to or see. This goes for the next following weekends as well, and it's that classic super hero everyone loves, Capain America!
When the first movie came out, everyone was surprised that Hollywood could pull off an actual decent CA film considering the disaster of the ones attempted to be made in the 90s (and yes, they were a version of the early Marvel). For anyone that watched them as Captain America battled the red skull in the white house, they were some of the worst films of all time.
Not so with this Captain America movie, it's co title being The Winter Soldier. In fact, it's only rightfully so that you, the movie goer, should be again surprised by how great it is.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not only far better than the first film, it's one of the best Marvel films and entries in the super hero movie category. There's some rough patches in the film, and some let downs, but the advantages of the film make up much more and that totally worth seeing, or at least renting when it comes out on DVD.
First things first, the negatives. The special effects were only so so, of course this is because this is a super hero movie that actually doesn't rely on CGI. For CAWS, it's more action and character based more than ever, which sometimes is a much needed break in these types of films. The chemistry between Captain America and Black Widow is so good, it let you left wishing that there could have been more. Nowadays though, violence is taking place in movies much more than love stories, which is very unfortunate indeed. The movie could have benefited with a love connection between these two heroes.
Other then that, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an excellent film. Everything about the movie was perfect. New fans and Marvel die hard fans or just people wanting to watch a good super hero movie will all be impressed. And loh and behold, Captain America actually makes you think. You have to actually pay attention to the story line! Besides from that, the best the thing about this film is of course the action sequences. Captain America: The Winter Soldier may have some of the best fighting scenes in any super hero movie ever filmed. Even the acting in the film is good, and Chris Evans character is brought to full light as he struggles to decide what he wants from life and who he wants to be. And of course, we get to see some of our other marvel favorites in this movie as well, including Black Widow, Nick Fury, Agent Hill and of course Stan Lee himself. (Of course).
What you should take most out of this review, is that this is an exceptional super hero movie that may even be in the same league as The Dark Knight.
Oh, and of course, you need to stay after the credits,
as it will show the birth of two more classic Marvel super heroes coming to the big screen... (enough spoilers!)


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