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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The 100 is a decent new sci-fi show

What: Tv Review
Who: The 100
Where: The Cw
When: You can watch the episodes anytime on Hulu plus or Thursdays on CW

Welcome to Wildfire Reviews first TV show Review!
What is it: Only four episodes long, the 100 is a new post apocalyptic sci fi show on the CW channel.
What's the Premise:
Several hundred years into the future, there has been a nuclear war wiping out all life on Earth, or so it seems. The survivors are sent to live up in space stations orbiting around the planet for the next hundred years. A few hundred years later, juvenile kids are sent from the space stations back down to Earth to see if it is livable again.
What's it like:
Think Lost mixed in with Lord of the Flies & The Hills have Eyes.

Short Based Review:
Even though it's far from perfect, the 100 is one of the better new shows on t.v. that have come out for a while. Despite it being on the CW and its focus on teens and drama, the show does offer a surprising amount of mystery, thrills & science fiction charms. Both worlds of the show, on the Earth and on the space station work together surprisingly well. While the acting is only sub par, the show's storyline is fast pace and suspenseful, and there's a decent amount of special effects as well. Some reviews may find the show similar to Lost, but, what new sci fi show isn't these days?

Grade: B+ or A-

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