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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Under the Dome's second season falls alittle flat

What: TV Review
Who: Under the Dome
When: July 2014
Why: Season 2 of Stephen King's Under the Dome series

Poor character development and story line majorly hurts Under the Dome's second season, which has begun airing on television the past few months.Although it does offer some suspense and great special effects, the lack of screenwriting majorly hurts the show. Not to mention the show is entirely different from the novel, but that's how Stephen King wants it to be, so to be fair we shouldn't bitch about that too much anymore.
However, Under the Dome isn't completely horrible, and although it can be a bit repetitive in its second season, it does show some signs of improvement if the show focuses more on the mythology and improves its characters.


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