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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 offers exciting new chills, B+

What: TV review
Who: Sleepy Hollow
Where: FOX
Streaming: Hulu Plus
Why: A great new show to watch
When: November 2014

At first, Sleepy Hollow came out as pretty awkward completely changed format of the legendary tale featuring the Headless Horseman and everyone's favorite Ichabod Crane. The TV Show is a modern day version of the story, its setting in modern day times but still based in that creepy little town in Upstate NY we all have seemed to love over the years.
The TV show greatly changes almost every aspect of the legend, and that's why at first it was a bit of a turn off. However, by the fourth episode in it draws you in and gets you hooked to its characters, its rather unique set pieces and pacing.
Over all a super campy fun show to watch and enjoy. You may not need your thinking cap on for this one, but hell, its so much fun to watch that you don't need one.
Not to mention some aspects of the show are actually thrilling and rather tense despite a huge draw from the book of revelations and other religious elements.
The chemistry between the two lead actors works great in the show, and its by far the number one highlight that works here.
Fantasy and horror fans will be delighted, and Sleepy Hollow is a show that's actually worth getting into.

Where Can I Watch it?
You can watch it in full streaming if you have Hulu Plus, or you can watch it on demand on the FOX network.
It's now in its second season.

First Season:
B+ or A-

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