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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Selma is this year's 12 years a Slave, A+

What: Movie Review
Who: Selma
When: Martin Luther King JR Day
Why: as part of the Oscar Race of 2014/15

Like 12 years of Slave, Selma can be hard to watch at times to say the least. It's a movie watching experience not for the faint of heart, yet, from its first scene to its last, it captures you.

Selma offers an enchanting look into the life of Martin Luther King JR and what he was going through on the public forefronts and at home with his wife, Corretta. This is a a beautiful movie, despite some hard-to-watch scenes. It's one that takes the time and effort to really bring forth what the man was going through with his movement and many obstacles he faced.

It also gave an interesting dept (although somewhat inaccurate) relationship he had with President Johnson at the time.
The film is lead by a powerful and stunning performance of Luther by somewhat new actor David Oyelowo, who does a fine acting job representing an extremely hard figure to portray on screen. The film also benefits from great acting by everyone in its cast, including Tom Wilkinson as President Johnson and even smaller roles by Cuba Goodling JR and Oprah Winfrey.

However, the highlight of the film is David Oyelowo's performance, and it's not one to be missed. Selma is a movie that like 12 Years of Slave, should be seen by all and is one of 2015's best movies.


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