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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Of Montreal's new album is catchy and poppy but offers nothing new, B-

What: Music Review
Who: Of Montreal's new album, Aureate Gloom
When: March 2015
Why: The Band's 13th studio album

Indie rock heroes Of Montreal did it again by releasing another new record. This new material seems to come off the lead singer's time when he broke up with his wife and 70's lifestyle in New York City. The entire album it seems seems to mimic that phase in history, with catchy pop riffs and lyrics that offer fans a look into the singer's past.
However, while the lyrics might be impressive on this album, it's really nothing new from the indie rock group. The new album sounds like their previous several efforts, which, is never a band thing. They have their own unique sound that makes them different in their own way, especially to other indie bands. Keven Barnes seems to be the official leader of the band in many ways, especially his demanding vocals and insightful lyrics on their newest album, Aureate Gloom.


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