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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What to watch on Demand: Daredevil, S1, A-

What: What to watch on Demand
Who: Daredevil
When: April 2015
Where: Netflix
Why: As part of Marvel's never ending TV and film empire

 Ten years ago, it would have been lucky to see one or two super hero films or TV show come out a year. Nowadays, sups are dominating the market both on the big screen and small screen.  What's great about it is that they are actually coming out with great material with each new adventure into the Marvel cinematic Universe that's hard to miss.
Netflix's Daredevil is no exception. For the first time, Marvel and Netflix has teamed up to create a show that outshines the 2003 film with Ben Affleck every way possible. Talented screen writing, directing and cinematography highlight the show's dark atmosphere surrounding hell's kitchen. There's some pretty decent acting done as well, especially by Charlie Cox who plays Matt Mardock (Daredevil). It's also good to see Deborah Ann Woll in a new T.V. show where she isn't a virgin vampire.
What works best about Daredevil though is the way it's filmed, especially the fight scenes. It's dark but not too dark, and will please both fan boys and new fans a like because it's incredibly close to the comic source material, not leaving any characters out or astray.
However, Daredevil isn't the best newest T.V. show nor is it perfect. The only thing bad about Daredevil is that it takes some getting use to because it's very different from most other super hero T.V. of recent years, and it doesn't introduce the main villain (King Pin) until the 3rd or 4th episode. Daredevil has great potential, and who knows, with the way things are going, hopefully we will see him team up with Spidey in the next season or two.

Grade: A-

Where can you watch it:
What's Next:
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