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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What to not watch on Demand: Left Behind (2014), F

What: Movie Review
Who: Left Behind
When: Summer 2015
Why: As part of Wildfire Review's what to not watch on demand

Bad acting, directing, special effects and horrible plotline make Left Behind the worst movie of 2014. It's an embaressment to both Nicolas Cage & The Left Behind franchise.

A few years ago, it was announced that Nicolas Cage would star in an upcoming remake of the original Left Behind film that stared Kirk Cameron. There was a glimmer of hope to this, especially knowing that the production would spend much more making the film than the first movie.
However, more money involved and a big time actor didn't mean anything for the film, in fact it made it worse.
Why Nicolas Cage would chose to do this movie despite his christian backgrounds is any one guess, but the new Left Behind movie is so bad that it's hard to even sit through for 30 minutes let alone the entire flick.
It's a complete down grade from Cameron's film, which spawned two sequels. The first film was about how Russia attacked Isreal and the anti christ taking over the U.N. This film the entire plot revolved around a plane crash, which is just a mnir glimpse in the first Left Behind book.
The acting is so bad it's a wonder how any of these actors pulled the film off without at least trying to act, which they failed at miserably.
The special effects in the film are even worse than the original, which is slightly confusing because the studio did have increased funds to make the movie better.
Ultimatly, the 2014 Left Behind movie is a no go and fans of the franchise will be highly dissapointed.


Where can you watch it?
(Note: The other 3 Left Behind films are also on Netflix, and are a much better choice)

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