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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dawes offers a brilliant new album, A-

"All Your Favorite Bands", the new album by folk rock group Dawes, is an uplifting turn for the band taking things to the next level.

What: Album Review
Who: Dawes
When: June 2015
Why: The folk Rock band's forth studio release album

Like the title suggests, the new album by Dawes is something of a greatest hits for the group, lyrically, musically and spiritually. With only nine tracks, the album is short but ever so sweet. It's a great new album that defines who Dawes is and who they can be.
The highlight of All Your Favorite Bands is by far Goldsmith's imaginative lyrics and words, which were always dominant in the band. However with the new record, the lyrics really outshine everything else making it a fascinating listen to.
The newest record is a little bit of a return to true form since Nothing is Wrong, Dawes's last album which came out more than four years ago. It's as if the band grew up and shook off their youth adding professionalism and sophistication to the new album.
Dawes fans will be pleased with All Your Favorite Bands, despite it being immensely short. It's adds warmth and texture to the groups music.

Grade: A-

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