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Monday, June 29, 2015

Kacey Musgraves remains sweet & country on new album, A

Like a new season of Netflix's Trailer Park Boys, Kacey Musgrave's Pageant Material is a bustling new set of swing and true country songs.

While Pageant Material may not be as bold and grand as Same Trailer Different Park, hew new songs remain just as sweet & emotionally powerful. It's an impressive new album for someone who's been on the road for the past two years in support of her debut music, and it may be the best country album of 2015 so far.
What's wonderful about Kacey Musgraves is that she doesn't beat about who she is on her songs. That bold young country girl's lyrics seem to even deeper and progress on Pageant Meterial. While she doesn't have all of the 'fuck off' attitude she did on her debut album, Pageant Material offers a new look into Kacey's life.
The new single 'Biscuits' is an instant classic, reminding fans of the greatness that was 'Merry Go Round' with the same upbeat country meladies and swinging ways. Kacey's voice has only seemed to improve on the new work, and she sounds wonderful blended in with the type of music she does as she did on her last album.
'Dome Store Cowgirl,' and 'Good Ol' Boys Club' as well as 'This Town' offers great reflections to Kacey's thoughtprocess of song writing and lyrics. Fans won't be dissapointed, and she may even gain a few new ones on the way this year.


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