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Friday, June 12, 2015

M Night Shamalyan does something that doesn't suck, A-

Everyone can say that writer/director M. Night Shamalyan has had a string of bad luck lately. However, with Wayward Pines, he's returned to true form and spirit creating a world that's fun, spooky and entertaining.

What: TV review
Who: Wayward Pines
When: Summer 2015
Why: as part of Wildfire Reviews What to watch series

Wayward Pines is a classic summer time show, complete with great twists, good storyline, acting and scenes. It's a surprising a bit scary too, especially some of the scenes where Ethan is trying endlessly to try and figure out the truth behind the town. It can be insanely gothic at some parts, but at other parts Pines can also be thrilling and the right recipe for a new cult series.
It's a new phase of T.V. that shows a promising future while paying respects to some of the greats like LOST and Twin Peaks.
Even more surprising for a show like this is there's actually some fairly good acting inovlving around the two main leads, Melissa Leo and Matt Dillan. Their performances keep you believing in the characters they potray and wanting more of them on screen, which is something Shamalyan hasn't done well since Unbreakable.
Pines can also be a bit bloody and graphic at times which adds more spookyness to its favor.
All in all, it's a great new T.V. show and well worth a peak. Horror and suspense fans won't be dissapointed.


Where can I watch it?
The First 4 episodes are available on Demand to watch and Hulu Plus

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