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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Muse's new album isn't there best, but still good. B+

Like always, the new Muse albums offers something immensely differant from the rest of Muse's catalog, but despite these efforts, the album feels a bit lukewarm compared to the last few releases from the british super rockstars.

What: Album Review
Who: Muse
When: Summer 2015
Why: The Band's seventh full lenght studio album

Finally fans can rejoice because we have a new Muse album out folks called Drones. Similiar to other Muse albums, the album revolves around a theme and it's something spookly differant from everything else they've done. This could be said to almost every album they've released which is why Muse are such an iconic band not to be messed with in today's British music invasion. What Drones offers is something more heavy and metal than anything they've released in some time and really since their early days, and that's a great thing in itself.
Drones highlights includes great harmonies by the band and Floyd like guitar riffs and experimentals.

However, overall the album just doesn't feel as great as some of their other newer work, especially Black Holes and Revelations which could be argued as one of the greatest new rock albums of the 21st century.  It's almost as if Muse wanted to quickly finish new album off and didn't pay as much attention and focus as they did with BH&R, and because of this they may not be begaining as many fans as they did with that release.

Despite the setbacks, Drones offers more advantages than set backs, and die hard fans should be pleased with the outcome.

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