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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

While suspenseful, Under the Dome is still a bit messy in S3, C+

Despite full of suspense and amazing special effects, Under the Dome has failed to live up to its potential in its third season due to poor character development and uneven plot lines.

It still tries to be a great science fiction show, and it's sad because with just a little help, Under the Dome could be just that. It has millions of viewers and is one of televisions most watched summer shows,  however, its good deeds don't make up to the failures the show brings.
The biggest thing of the show is that it now has strayed so far off from its original source material that the only thing really in common with the novel and the T.V. series is the dome itself, however, Stephen King himself even admitted that he wanted a show that would bring new light to his idea. That being said, it would be nice to see some similiar elements from the novel into the show these days.
The characters in Under the Dome are now suffering from such poor character development that they are shadows of the second and third season of Heroes, which is what is a prime example of what not to do to any characters in a T.V. show good or bad.
While the special effects are still superb, and Under the Dome is greatest when it's touches upon its own science fiction ideas, the messy plotline is confusing at best and over all holds little interest to want to keep going with the series.
Which is too bad because this science fiction show could have been great, especially now with it showing so many signs and influence from science fiction icons like the Matrix.

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