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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What to Skip on Demand: The Last Ship, S1, C+

Although there's plenty of action in TNT's The Last Ship, the series feels like it could run out of steam at any minute.

Although the second season is premiering now on TNT, you can watch the entire first season of the Last Ship on Hulu Plus if you desire. The show is another post apocalyptic drama based on the novel on the same name about a U.S. Naval ship that escapes a world wide plague and must find the cure in order to save the world. While it may be a hint better than TNT's other hit post apocalyptic show, Falling Skies, there's just not enough over all momentum in the series that can keep science fiction fans hooked.
Eric Dane does a convincing performance as the ship's commander, but other then him, the acting is pretty sub par. It's the action and suspense that keeps The Last Ship going, and although it might not be entirely bad, it's lack luster characters and feel to it keep from having it as a great T.V. show and worth watching until the last episode.


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