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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Whitey Morgan & the 78s deliver a powerful two hour plus set @ the Lost, A

Above: Whitey Morgan and the 78s perform Friday night at the Lost Horizon. 
Photo Credit: Scott Watson

'There's no fucking time clock tonight!' Whitey Morgan happily proclaimed to the fan driven crowd at the Lost Horizon this past Saturday night. Indeed, the band rocked out the first headlining gig on their new tour at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY performing for more than two hours.
It was a great night last night at the Lost. For a venue that mostly does heavy metal and rock concerts, the sound was fantastic. You could hear every instrument amazingly well throughout the night, and every act was pretty decent that performed on stage. Hell, country concerts at the Lost might even be better than the common metal shows they have there every week.  Whitey Morgan & the 78s proved that and much more as they jammed out to a dance friendly crowd this weekend.
Although small, the crowd was dedicated to the band, wanting to hear them more and more as the night progressed. There was definitely some country folks present, as cowboy and cowgirl hats were pretty common.
There were two really great opening acts as well, which is both somewhat surprising but very pleasant at the same time.
Local group Tumbleweed Highway opened up the show, proving their time was worth the appearance with some great guitar playing. The band impressively performed plenty of their own material as well as some old time country covers, which was very present throughout the evening.
What was amazing about tonight was the acoustic guitar player of the group, Tony Dicello, who performed another previous 45 minute set before the main act. Even though it was just him, Toni kept the crowd going and certainly cheering. He had a hilarious moment with a fan upfront, and was joking around with everyone throughout his set, accepting jokes and comments back from the crowd as well.
Whitey Morgan and the 78s came on stage and delivered one of the best shows at the Lost this year. With tireless energy, the group performed a two hour plus set which is rare at the Lost. It was great music playing from everyone in the band, especially the main guitarists which included a great steel guitar that made the sound unique.
It was the first date of their new East Coast tour, and it was clear to see the boys and Whitey were happy to be on the road again. What was unusual about this show was the group didn't have any setlist and were just playing with what felt right. This turned out to be even better for the crowd, as the band performed several songs they haven't played in a while and a cover tune they hadn't done in over three years.
Whitey's 'There's no fucking time clock tonight' moment came from referancing the band's previous tour opening up for Jamey Johnson. Whitey also shared an emotional moment about the plane ride here to Syracuse where he shared some words with an elderly woman on the plane sitting next to him.
It was a great time and solid performance at the Lost Horizon Saturday night. Fans of country should broaden there horizons and listen to some real out law honky honk music, because Whitey proved that's the best kind there possibly can be.

Whitey Morgan & the 78s @ the Lost Horizon-Photo Credit Drew Reed
Photo Credit below by Scott Watson:
Opening band Tumbleweed Highway:

Whitey: (All photo credit below to Drew Reed from 95x)

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