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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blackstar is a weird but charming final album, A-

Like most David Bowie albums, Blackstar is a story. Unlike most David Bowie newer records, it's a fine collection of seven songs that truly have his stamp of weird and bold music. It's something old and new fans will love.
Blackstar is only seven tracks long. However, that's as long as it takes for Bowie to create a great new album, something of a reminder of his earlier stuff in his great catalog of music. His 25th studio album are songs with collaborations with several well known musicians, and the effort pays off.
It's more spacey then ever. Each song is powerful in its way on the album, representing itself as a whole. Blackstar and Lazarus highlight the collection of new songs and truly stand out as classics.
It's extremely sad of the passing away of the late David Bowie because Blackstar finds the artist rebooting himself and heading strongly forward in a new direction. While the tunes sound similar to his older stuff, they represent a new style to Bowie that may have him fit in modern rock music.
It's a beacon for things to look forward to and what's ahead for Mr. Bowie, if he hadn't passed away.
Let's not forget, David Bowie is no stranger to breaking new grounds, in fact, it's his most iconic position.
Blackstar does this and more. It's far from perfect, but it's good to see the 69 year old musician back on his game. Blackstar is a farewell cd by a musician whose creativity made his a trailblazer right until his last breath.

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