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Monday, February 22, 2016

Brave Serenade return with their new EP, A-

 Above from left to right: Keller Orourke & Jeff Colhoun of a Brave Serenade
Photo Credit Lauren Crew Photography.
This year, San Francisco indie alternative rockers Brave Serenade have returned with a new EP named 'Shortway to L.A.'  The new songs offer a chance for the band to grow and gain new fans as they continue to expand and adventure into today's world of indie music.
Brave Serenade is multi instrumentalist Jeff Colhoun and vocalist Keller Orourke. Together they have returned with 'Shortway to L.A,' the new EP from the west coast duo. Highlighted by tracks like Shortway to L.A. and False Dilemma, the album is a collection of new music that expands on the group's indie and alternative pop rock influences.
Keller's voice shows great signs of improvements throughout the album, especially with 'Shortway to L.A.' His vocals are a good balance to Colhoun's style of music, which blends Coldplay, the Killers and Depeche Mode into a new thing.
While the poppy sound that made such an impact with their first album 'Sleeping Passenger' is still there, 'Shortway to L.A.' is more aggressive and alternative showing more and more signs of improvements from these two San Francisco musicians.
'Shortway to L.A.' is a sign that indie music is still here to stay, despite some harsh competition from jazz, folk & other rising genres. However, Brave Serenade isn't just your typical indie rock group. They are two musicians with talent and love for making music and that's seen more then ever before with their new LP, 'Shortway to L.A.' The new music will please fans and will gain them some new ones in the near and present future.
Their new music video for False Dilemma:

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