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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Donald Trump should watch Zootopia, A-

Leave it to Disney. Their films usually always never disappoint, and the new lovable furry animal film, Zootopia, will please fans of all ages as it welcomes viewers into its fascinating and unique world.
Like the Lego movie a few years prior, Disney's Zootopia is a rewarding and unique film that captures viewers of all ages. The storyline is amazing and fun, and it hustles along at a surprisingly good pace. All the characters in the film are great, and the directing and dialing are exceptional. That being said, Zootopia isn't a perfect film, and it's not as good as the Lego Movie or Inside Out. However, it's still super fun and cute, and it's the best animation so far this year.
The reason why Donald Trump should watch Zootopia is that the film has many meanings behind the original storyline and characters. Gender equality, female rights and work rights are just some of the issues that are adressed in the movie, which makes it different then both Inside Out and The Lego Movie.
The best thing about Zootopia is of course all of the characters, highlighted by the fox voiced by Jason Bateman. While a relative number of new actors cast the other voices, he's a delight as mischief fox Nick Wilde.
Besides the many animals, the animation of the film works perfectly well. Zootopia is great to look at it, especially when our beloved rabbit Judy takes the train across it's world into the big city.
Zootopia is one of those films both kids and adults will like. In fact, adults may enjoy this film even more than kids because of the many meanings it presents.
Overall, it's a great animated movie that's well worth the admission price, even though it's not as great as Inside Out or The Lego Movie.

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