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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Us and the night is a reminder that 3DD can still rock, B

It's been five years since southern rockers 3 Doors Down have released a new record. Now, their finally back with Us and the Night. It may not be the best album or anything new, but it serves its purpose-proving that 3 Doors Down can still produce rocking good music that's true to their name.

It's almost shocking how long it's been since we last heard from these guys. In the mean time though, 3 Doors Down have continued to tour, both acoustically and with big summer time gigs. From seeing crowd sizes at their shows its obvious this group still has the fan base it did several years ago. Now, they've finally released the new record, Us and the Night.
Let's be straight first. This is 3 Doors Down. Your not going to see these guys branch out into anything new anytime soon-not because their horrible, but because this is what they do. They've made rock music since their first record and although the sound may have gone softer over the years, it's still 3 Doors Down.
However, it would be nice to see them pull some strings and have some fun with some surprises, fans might even embrace it. Yet, Us and the Night is nothing but mainstream rock from 3 Doors Down. Despite this, it's a reminder of the earlier days of the group. And that's always a good thing.
There's some great harder tunes on this record that wasn't present at their last album release. Songs like 'In the Dark' and 'Love is a Lie' prove this and more. There's also some ballads on the record too. 'Fell From the Moon' is an instant radio soon to be hit, reminding fans of the 'Away from the Sun' era of the group.
Although it's nothing no or original, Us and the Night is a still powerful record from a rock power house band that knows how to make rock music. Fans won't be disappointed with the release, and that is what matters.
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