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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Silversun Pickups rock out Higher Ground, A

"Burlington, Vermont is so great you guys really need to start telling people it sucks so they won't want to move here," lead guitarist and vocalist Brian Aubert proclaimed to the crowd at Higher Ground this Tuesday night. Brian had a smirkish grin on his face as he tried to convince everyone in attendance that Burlington was a crappy place, but in fact, as he whispered later on in the show, the band loved the city and they'd even like to move there. Who knows? Maybe someday they will!

Everything about the Silversun Pickups concert at Higher Ground was great last night. The sold out show packed lines out of the venue. The perfect weather was a great way for New Yorkers to come across the ferry on Lake Champlain to view the show, or just in general being outside in line before and afterwards.
It was packed in Burlington's iconic Higher Ground venue. Indie hipsters and alternative rock fans packed in to see an even more iconic band play Burlington for the first time in half a dozen years.

Before the Pickups, Portland Maine based group Armies performed a decent set. Although they didn't really get the crowd grooving and pumped, the band had their own charm to them, helped by leading front woman Anna Lombard. Armies were excited more then ever to open up for the Silversun Pickups, who played a show in their home town the previous night.

The crowd was ready when Nikki, Brian, Christopher and Joe came on stage at around 10PM. Higher Ground proved to be a great venue for the Pickups to play. The sound sounded excellent right from the beginning. You could hear every instrument extremely well, especially some impressive vocals and guitar work by Brian Aubert.
Brian showed his love to the crowd when he pulled up a small boy on stage welcoming him to the band and giving him a small kiss on the forehead.

Silversun Pickups had bundles of energy from the first song they played to the last.
Their setlist included all of their hits. Of course, 'Panic Switch' and 'Lazy Eye' were the ones that got the crowd going the most. Towards the end of the show, even a mosh pit opened up as the crowd expressed their love for the group playing that gave them their all.

The pickups played for an impressive hour and forty five minutes long, rocking out Higher Ground by storm.
As always, bassist Nikki Monninger is always a highlight of any Silversun Pickups show. She really shined tonight with several bass solos, especially on 'Panic Switch'.

The crowd at the Burlington, Vermont show were mostly younger fans with a good mixture of both males and females in the audience. It took the crowd a bit to warm up to the Pickups surprisingly, but when they did they danced and jumped like how it's suppose to be done at a SSPU show.
Brian Aubert showed his love to Vermont Tuesday night at Higher Ground, and the crowd gave him a good amount of love back.

It was well worth going to for any fan of the band. The Silversun Pickups always put great energy into their show and are extremely entertaining to watch no matter if it's in a smaller venue like Higher Ground or Lollapalooza.
All Photos by Cassidy Tallman (Our new Photographer!)

Silversun Pickups:

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