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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lindsey Stirling's new album is revolutionary, A

Lindsey Stirling's new album, Brave Enough, is by far much different than her two previous records. Her music is broadening to multiple levels, and the guest stars on her record all sound exceptionally good.
Brave Enough, the new album by violinist Lindsey Stirling, expands her music to multiple new levels. While it's increasingly different from her self titled record and 'Shatter Me', 'Brave Enough' explores a new Lindsey Stirling that's taking the music world by force. It's obvious Stirling took her time and effort into this record, carefully choosing great guest stars that fit in perfectly with what she's trying to accomplish with Brave Enough. A new fresh look is taking Stirling into marvelous new directions.
Highlighted by such songs as Prism (which is a friendly reminder of 'Roundtable Rival', and 'The Arena', these songs show how much Lindsey has improved her violin skills while still trying to shadow the amazing effort she accomplished with her first two records. Prism is a reminder that while most of Brave Enough is new, Stirling still holds true to her original dubstep and classical violin throughout the record.
For anyone that's been to a Lindsey Stirling concert, you know that this amazingly talented musician puts everything she has into her music. Brave Enough is emotionally powered on nearly every song from start to finish-which is no surprise from Stirling.
However, the highlights of this record are by far the guest stars. Handpicked by Stirling, these musicians really shine throughout the new album. With musicians hailing from every genre, it's shocking to hear each one of these guest appearances all sound great mixed in with Stirling's dominating classical violin presence. Perhaps the best of these appearances are from Christina Perri and ZZ Ward, who offer a haunting and beautiful mixture of vocals to their songs.
Over all, fans of Stirling's might be a bit taken back by how different Brave Enough is. But true fans will love her even more for it and embrace the record as they did with 'Shatter Me' and 'Lindsey Stirling'. The rising violin star proves she can do it again with 'Brave Enough'.

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