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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jack White's Acoustic Recordings shows a man as well as a musician, A-

Acoustic Recordings, 1998-2016 is a great collection of songs that Jack White has performed. While it's clear the White Stripes have now long been part of White's past, it's obvious that Meg still has a great influence on the singer and songwriter in these rare recordings.
If no one has ever heard of Jack White before, Acoustic Recordings might be the best place to be to really discover how great a musician, as well as man, Jack White could be. It demonstrates a beautiful collection of songs that really strips White down to the bare essentials, but at the same, it's a reminder of who he is and who's he become since the beginning of his career.
The best thing about a Jack White song, regardless of if it's a White Stripes tune or off one of his solo recordings, is that how much of a story it can tell. This is really present throughout Acoustic Recordings, as you can really dig deep into the song writing here and what White is feeling and thinking with these tunes. They're a painted landscape that can be revisited by fans over and over.
One of the highlights of this album is a stripped down and different version of 'Hotel Yorba' and 'Well It's True That We Love One Another' from Jack's earlier days with the Stripes.
What's most impressive about these songs is that while their all in the same territory, White continues to explore this new land over and over. Each time he does, the result is something new that works wonders for both new and old fans.
Acoustic Recordings is a nice reminder of who Jack White is, not only as one of the most iconic front men of Rock n Roll history, but a mere mortal and man himself. It's a great collection of songs that by any means, can be listened to multiple times.

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