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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Best of MCU

In preparation for Doctor Strange, Wildfire Review rates and dates every release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from best to worse.
1) Guardians of the Galaxy:  
Surprisingly these under dog super heroes have ultimately become the best super hero film of all time.
2) Jessica Jones:  
Even though Dare Devil was original, Jessica Jones has something more, and on top of it, a female lead that is superb as the main character. Like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones has an impressive villain that wills send chills down anyone's spine.
3) Captain America: Winter Soldier:  
Fast past action and a compelling story line makes Captain America: The Winter Soldier the best on Earth super hero film yet.

4) Dare Devil:  
Filled with marvelous fight scenes, Dare Devil is an exceptionally great show that has one of the best played out villains in Marvel history.
5) Iron Man:  
The film that started it all, Iron Man shows how a great super hero movie should be.

6) Captain America: Civil War:  
Captain America Civil War shows that throwing a bunch of super heroes together can actually be done amazingly well, despite not being the best Captain film.
7) Avengers:  
 Although it should be higher on this list, the first Avengers is still a great super hero film.

8) Captain America:  
The first Captain America movie was different then Iron Man, but at the same time, still good at heart.

9) Luke Cage:  
Massively different then both Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Luke Cage proves that he's the new super man for the modern era.

10) Agents of Shield:  
Although it was off to a rocky start in season one, Agents of Shield has become the best of what Marvel has to offer. It is because of Shield's first rocky season and not being able to gain the fans it should have that this is rated so slow.

11) Ant-Man:  
Despite feeling like Ant-Man is just a shoe in for another Avengers super hero, this film had it's own wit and humor that made it a classic contender in the Marvel CNU.

12) The Incredible Hulk:  
Although most people say the Hulk films were horrible, they've actually aged extremely well. And there's been much worse super hero films then either hulk movie.
13) Agent Carter:  
 Even though Agent Carter lasted only two seasons, this show had an interesting take on an inspiring character from the first Captain film.

14) Thor:  
The first Thor film was great on special effects. However, Marvel could have made Thor much better then what it was.

15) Avengers Age of Ultron:  
It might have been cool and great the first time you watched it, but compared to what's coming out now, Age of Ultron could have been a million times better, not to mention a complete change of comic to screen characters.

16) Iron Man 2:  
Unfortunately, the second Iron Man film was nowhere near as good as the first. Although still watchable, it was a big let down for America's favorite super hero. 

17) Thor 2: 
Those hoping for a great Thor film had to wait a little big longer as the second Thor proved just an eye roller, if not more, then the first film.

18) Iron Man 3:  
Marvel could have easily done without Iron Man 3. This film was almost as bad as Spider-Man 3 with very similar story lines and character arcs.

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