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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bojack Horseman gets even better in Season 3, A+

Originally off to a lukewarm start when it first aired on Netflix, Bojack Horseman is now one of those shows everyone needs to binge watch. It's a stellar example of Hollywood life, while at the same time, balancing hilarious and sad moments that will leave you touched after every episode.

All our beloved characters are back for season three of Bojack, with some great changes that are both good and bad. However, Bojack Horseman itself remains absolutely brilliant. The directing, plot lines and narrative are all superb.

For the new season, the show digs even more into it's theme of life for Hollywood celebrities. Like the first season, it's also a great connection between humans and animals that is commonly missed with most television these days.

Most of all, it's as if Bojack Horseman really propelled itself to greatness in it's third season. The shows new episodes are all a constant reminder of how much better it's really getting with each new season. Season three opens up with a strong change in most of all our characters, except perhaps the beloved Bojack himself.

A highlight of the new season is how many life lessons the show can teach us. Surprisingly, there's life long lessons around every corner. The heartbreaking sadness goes extremely well with the hilarious moments that make Bojack Horseman one of the best animated adult shows to watch.
The animation alone is extremely well done, giving viewers something great to look at while enjoying one of their favorite shows.

It's one hell of a crazy universe, but somehow, Bojack Horseman balances everything it does extremely well. It breathes life into it's core characters and gives them superb story lines in the third season that are just as good if not better then the last one (can we say, DUH Todd).
The third season proves that Bojack is not just one of the best Netflix original series ever made, but perhaps one of the greatest new shows in recent modern day television.
Where can you watch it?
All episodes of Bojack Horseman are only on Netflix.

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