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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Luke Cage takes Marvel to another great new direction, A-

Above: Mike Colter as Luke Cage in the new Netflix Marvel Super Hero show.
Luke Cage is the new African American Superman in the golden age of super hero television. The new show may not be the best Marvel television adaption, but it captures a new super hero that everyone can love in their own ways.
As always, Marvel is trying something new. With Luke Cage, it works wonderfully, giving light to a culture that's been highlighted too much in recent news story. It's a super hero story that's told from the streets of Harlem, and the result is a spell binding drama that does justice to it's title character in more ways then one.

One of the highlights of Cage is Mike Colter's excellent performance as Luke. He draws you into the character, and makes you know how Luke is really feeling at all times throughout the show. He's a perfect fit for the character, and makes an impressive step up from Jessica Jones.

It's obvious from the first episode that Luke Cage is it's own show, giving some much needed light to one one of the best characters from Jessica Jones.

What's most surprising about Luke Cage is that it's more sophisticated then most marvel super hero entrees. By now, Marvel knows what their doing, and they really took a great amount of time with perfecting Luke Cage's touch and feel to the exact audience it tries to connect with. Even Cottonmouth, Luke Cage's notorious villain, is shown as a clean cut gangster that has just as much cultural appreciation as his counter part, Luke.

Besides it's super hero, the show really embraces the good and bad sides of Harlem. It lets the viewer in on these neighborhoods in the best way possible with giving them life and light. After all, it's the streets of Harlem that makes this show so fascinating and interesting. Throw in Marvel's super hero drama story lines, and an impressive debut from Misty Knight, and you have a great new show that fans will love.

Luke Cage isn't the best super hero show, nor even the best Marvel-Netflix entree, but it is a powerful new addition to the genre. There's some slow moments, and fans might miss the fast pace action of Jessica Jones, but over all, this is Luke's show. And clearly, Luke is the new Superman for the Marvel golden hero age.

Where can you watch it?
All episodes of Luke Cage are only available on Netflix

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