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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3 of the hottest chicks of rock roll into Utica Saturday night, A

On Halloween weekend, three of the hottest women of rock and roll rolled into Utica at the Stanley Theater. The packed crowd cocked their heads and strained to see any one of the three beautiful women that took the stage. The thing that was the most obvious was for that particular Saturday in Utica at the Stanley, it was ladies night.

Lizzy Hale proved on Saturday night that she has the voice to lead the powerful Halestorm to the next generation. While she was the star of the show, her little brother on drums got a fair amount of time in the spot lot with several drum solos and crowd pleasing moments. What was most surprising of Saturday night was the opener, Dorothy and her band.

It was a dreadful Saturday night with chilly temperatures and scattered rain across Upstate New York. As Lizzy often says in interviews, they should have never chosen the name storm for their band, because it seems that bad weather always follows them. However, that didn't stop Upstate New Yorkers from filling up the beautiful Stanley Theater in Utica. The theater was jammed packed with a youthful crowd ready to witness the awesome power of Lizzy Hale and Halestorm, one of the more popular bands in rock music today.

Although there was a good majority of males in the crowd, it was dominated by females, and that was evident as each band that night seemed to cheer on the women in the audience. Lizzy is always a sucker for pumping up the ladies, and the metal girls were in no short demand Saturday night. There were some older metal fans there, wearing Motorhead and Metallica shirts. Lita Ford did an impressive cover of a Motorhead tune that got the crowd going.

But perhaps the highlight of the night wasn't Lita Ford or Halestorm, but actually the opening group Dorothy. "I'm the devil tonight," sheepishly proclaimed lead singer Dorothy Martin, "So Ya'll are going to have to do what I say!" Even though the group only played for around half an hour, they got the crowd up and going and ready for the evening. The crowd stood up for most of their set, jumping up and down and shouting to lead singles 'Wicked Ones' and 'Raise Hell'. Dorothy has an amazing voice, showing that her and her band might be the next Halestorm.

The older ones in the crowd got their claim to fame when Runaway star Lita Ford came on stage. Although it's clear that Lita & her band were part of the glam rock of the 80s, they still pleased the crowd with such tunes like 'Living Like a Runaway' and 'Cherry Bomb'. During 'Close My Eyes Forever', a song that was originally Lita's duet with Ozzy Osbourne, Lizzy took the place for the prince of darkness. It actually sounded pretty impressive, and was one of the highlights of Saturday Night.

When Halestorm took the stage, everyone was ready for them. The group performed a great set that included songs from everyone of their three albums. 'This has been such a great tour touring behind this album,' proclaimed Lizzy.
It was an emotional night for the group as it was their last date for the tour this year with Lita Ford & Dorothy. The three bands had been actively touring together since spring time. What was most surprising is that the intense touring never seemed to effect Halestorm. In fact, it was just the opposite. The band had more energy and power behind them then ever before, wanting to really kick the crowd's ass for one more night.

Lizzy's brother was exceptionally energetic Saturday Night. He was excited more then ever when someone from the crowd challenged him to a drum off, and of course, he accepted. Bobby Rock joined the stage as well, giving the crowd an epic drum off.
Another great thing about Saturday Night was that each of the bands had great respect for one another, especially Lizzy. 'It's like Dorothy is the one holding the light, Lita is the Queen, and I'm sort of the messed up middle child,' she announced to the cheering crowd explaining the three bands relationship.

Halestorm's impressive set included the first song of the night 'I Get Off,' a great opening tune that set the night off right. The band also did a good cover of Whitesnake's 'Still of the Night.'
Lizzy & Halestorm proved Saturday night that they are a force to be reckoned with, a dominant member of today's modern rock music. Her vocals were better then ever, and everyone should be looking forward to what the band has next in store for us.
Halestorm Saturday October 29, 2016, Utica, NY
1) I get off
2) Freak Like Me
3) Apocalyptic
4) Mz Hyde
5) Love Bites (So do I0
6) It's Not You
7) Amen
8) The Reckoning
9) Familiar taste of poison
10) Dear Daughter (Lizzy Solo)
11) I like it Heavy
12) Drum Solo
13) I Am the Fire
14) Here's to Us
15) Still of the Night
16) Mayhem
17) I Miss the Misery

Lita Ford:
1) Gotta Let Go
2) Larger Than Life
3) Playing With Fire
4) Living Like a Runaway
5) Can't Catch me
6) Cheery Bomb
7) Close My Eyes For Ever
8) Kiss Me Deadly

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