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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grouplove's Big Mess is just okay, B-

Although it's a slight improvement over their last record, Grouplove is still missing something with Big Mess. Unfortunately, the band never seems to hit their full potential on any records they've released so far, and Big Mess is no different.

In 2009 the world was introduced to L.A. indie rockers Grouplove. While trying to sound different from every other indie rock band out on the radio, and even similar groups coming out of L.A., the band seemed to make an impression of their own. However, three albums later, the group still hasn't reached their full potential. Grouplove isn't trying to be the next R.E.M, but if they take their music to the next level, they can really show the world and their fans how truly talented they are.

With Big Mess, the band's most recent studio release, it's as if they are hardly trying. While some of the lyrics and songs are a bit more emotional, which is a big surprise for Grouplove, over all it's the same catchy and poppy sounds we've heard from the last two records.

The highlight of the album that saves it from being a terrible dissapointment is the last six songs. It takes a while for you to warm up to the songs, but they really begin to catch on after the radio friendly "Good Morning". The band's more edginess music comes out on full display with songs like "Spinning" and you can tell the group as a whole is having fun with the songs their writing.

That's what's best about Grouplove. They're a band that do not seem to care what critics think. They have fun writing and playing their songs, and their concerts are even better.

The L.A. group might be a constant reminder of the indie pop wave that entered main stream music near the later half the first decade of the new century, but their a band that at least has fun with what their doing.

And that's all that matters if your in a successful group, you have to have fun doing what you do it, no matter what the outcome of the music.

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