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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Leonard Cohen releases a dark masterpiece, A+

In what maybe 2016's best album of the year, Leonard Cohen has released his best material since 1984's Various Positions. The Canadian singer song writer is at the top of his game, creating a haunting, almost evil album that's a chill to listen to but at the same time, amazing to it's core.
Produced by his son, "You Want It Darker" is Cohen's fourteenth studio release album. While short, every track on the album is beyond perfect, presenting the best of what the artist can do. Cohen's voice, combined with the Erie musical presence of the new record, makes this a masterpiece. Above all else, Cohen's song writing is on full display here, offering what few others in the music industry can do.

Cohen isn't a stranger to releasing new records. However, after the release of his last two albums, Old Ideas and 2014's Popular Problems, fans were wondering if the 82 year old musician had another great record in him. This year, the singer song writer answered their questions with "You Want it Darker".

"You Want it Darker" is a complete modern day master piece. It tells a haunting story, a battle between good and evil rarely seen in music. It listens as if it's a Stephen King book. If you've never listened to Leonard Cohen, the Canadian musician is known for his song writing. His song writing is better then ever on "You Want it Darker". While the title track and first song on the album is a great introduction, and more eerie then one would ever want, the songs get even more intense.

What's most dominant about this album is the constant theme of death, and good and evil. At age 82, Cohen stares death right in the face, and isn't afraid to address in a wonderful but dark beautiful way.
There isn't a best song on "You Want it Darker" because each new tune is great in itself.

What works best with the new album is how much visual photography that Cohen presents in his lyrics. You can really see what the musician is going through with so much sin and regret as you listen to his powerful lyrics throughout the record. Make no mistake, the music and backing instruments from violin to stand up base are perfect as well. It's beautiful to listen to despite how dark it is from start to finish.

While some may think it's short at only nine tracks, "You Want It Darker" is actually at the perfect length. A lengthy record at this magnitude might have actually hurt it's overall presence. While many artists like Beyonce have released uplifting and break up albums this year, Leonard Cohen does just the opposite with his visual masterpiece, "You Want It Darker."

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