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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow is just okay, C+

Although it might be fun to watch, DC's Legends of Tomorrow tries too hard to be great. It's nowhere near as good as it's counterparts, yet, if your in mind for just some super hero enjoyment on the small screen with some familiar characters, this might be the show for you.

By now, it's a no brainer that super heroes are the best thing on both the small and big screens. However, it seems that Hollywood and the TV industry are overfilling the genre with so many new additions. This is what is unfortunately plaguing CW's Legends of Tomorrow with many fans asking should there be another spin off super hero show? While the show might not be necessary, it's fun to watch some familiar characters from both FLASH and ARROW on their own show and team.

Despite this, it's almost too much. When we say too much, we really mean too much of everything. Too many characters, too much plot lines and too many special effects can indeed hurt a big block buster film or show more often then not. Sadly, this is what is primarily wrong with Legends of Tomorrow. There's just too many characters or super heroes wound into this story making each episode feel a big garnished. While there might be some character development, it's a slow process. It's character development that help make DC's other shows, The Flash, Arrow & Supergirl so great. This new one just doesn't have that much development to it.

The special effects on Legends of Tomorrow is pretty impressive, but like the characters, there's almost too much of them. You don't need special effects in every scene too make a great time traveling or even super hero show, just look at Daredevil or Doctor Who.

Finally, the big let down in the first season in the main villain. You would figure their would need to be a true bad ass villain to compete with a brand new super hero team, but unfortunately, Savage just doesn't seem like the right fit.

Although there might be more negative things then positive in Legends of Tomorrow's first season, that only goes to show there's more room for improvement. Hopefully this show doesn't become a bust in the long run.

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