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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pink Talking Phish is a band of it's own, A

Even though they might be defined as a cover group, Pink Talking Phish is on a different level then most. The guys came on stage and rocked out a near sold out crowd at the Rusty Nail this past Saturday night, performing an excellent mix of Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish tunes for everyone.

People of Stowe, VT love the winter, and when they have a chance to go out and see some great live music, they embrace it. This past Saturday night the Rusty Nail was packed and nearly sold out as everyone's favorite Pink Talking Phish came rolling back into town. Even though it might be a strange combination of music, the band combines these songs to near perfection.

The group isn't like your average cover band. They don't have make up, and they don't dress or look the part of their favorite groups. Pink Talking Phish is almost a band within a band. However, it's obvious from the first song to the last they played Saturday night that these guys absolutely love the three bands in their name. However, that doesn't mean the group doesn't play songs from other bands. In fact, the group played an excellent version of Tennessee Jedd during the last song from their first set that night.

The light show the band gives out is a highlight of the evening by far. It was worth it to go to check out the light show, and for a small place like the Rusty Nail, it actually provided a perfect environment for it.
The vocals are impressively spot on for each group. It's one thing to hear someone cover The Dead or Floyd or Phish, but the Talking Heads are a completely different matter.
This band can do it, and it was great to hear live some of everyone's favorite songs by all of these groups this past Saturday at the Rusty Nail.

Even though it was great when the group performed those Talking Heads tunes, perhaps the best part of the evening was when they began to jam out to Floyd. These guys are THE Pink Floyd cover band to see, and each song they play live they take careful steps and consideration while performing it.
There wasn't any mistakes by either the band or the venue Saturday night, and it was a great show to see.

If anyone's interested to see music professionally done from Pink Floyd, Talking Heads or Phish, this is the band to see.


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