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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Adam Ezra Group energizes Stowe, A

A change of pace and venue style provided a fun filled evening when Adam Ezra group performed at the beautiful Spruce Peak's Performing Arts Center this past weekend in Stowe.

This past Saturday night, the Adam Ezra group performed during one of the coldest and windiest winter nights at Stowe. Despite negative zero degree wind chill outside, the small Spruce Peak performing Arts center was filled with a handful of fans that clapped and cheered throughout the night for the AEG.

Boston based group The Adam Ezra Group has toured for many years now, and even this year, their touring schedule is very jammed pack. However, they took a moment of their time to perform at Spruce Peak this past weekend.

Right off the bat, the band was a bit thrown off-it was as if they were just slightly out of place. "This is a slight change from the venues were used to," proclaimed lead singer Adam Ezra. However, this didn't stop the show from being great.

As always with the Spruce Peak performing arts center, the sound was perfect. You could clearly hear every instrument clearly throughout the night, and Adam's voiced was more powerful then ever.
Usually when the Adam Ezra group perform at Stowe, they play at the Mansfield Base Lodge's Den Bar, which may seem small for most bands. The group was extremely thankful to play at the beautiful Spruce Peak Performing Arts center and mentioned this several times throughout their performance.
Adam Ezra himself was extremely comical throughout the night. He had everyone chuckling and laughing at some point, and that's a good sign that the band isn't there just for the music but to make sure everyone has a good time.

It was clear the crowd was having a great time with several concert goers dancing the entire time.
One highlight of the evening was when fiddle player Corinna Smith put down her instrument and sang a tune. Her voice is just as good if not better then Ezra's, gaining a few fans herself that evening.
Another comical event of the night was when the group performed their very own version of Charlie Daniel Band's "Devil Went Down to Georgia," helped by Corinna's excellent fiddle playing.
Overall, the Adam Ezra Group is a band that most music fans would love to hear live. They tour everywhere frequently, and are well worth the time to check out for an evening.

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