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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Discographies Dissected: Steven Soderbergh's Traffic

What: Movie Review (Traffic)

            It’s surprising when you look at a Hollywood director you may not know but realize you have when you’ve seen almost every one of his movies. This was the case this Wednesday movie night with Steven Soderbergh, who’s movies focus on constant action and suspense. One can say that Soderbergh is obviously gifted in the genre and is able to direct various different types of movies, but the movie that he’s most famous for and that put him on the map is Traffic.
            Released over a dozen years ago, Traffic came out when the talk on the Drug War was at a max in the political world. The movie reflects the drug war and the United States relationship to Mexico. Soderbergh’s finest movie benefits from highly paced story lines and interesting characters. It also boasts powerful performances from every actor involved, including Benicio Del Toro. Thought provoking and realistic, Traffic is overall an ambitious and smart film about the war on Drugs.

Overall Rating: B+

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