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Monday, July 15, 2013

Last of the Mohicans remains a powerful French and Indian War film

What: Movie Review

              While completely different than other Michael Mann films which include Heat, the Insider, The Aviator & Collateral, the Last of the Mohicans maybe his most grandest effort to date.
The film follows three men, two of them brothers (So to speak) and a father, the last of the mohicans as they attempt to rescue and bring to safety to british white woman on the indian frontier of Upstate New York during the French & Indian War.
             Daniel Day Lewis plays one of the brothers who was inducted into the mohican indian tribe before they were slaughtered by the hurons. It's rewarding to see a film where Lewis actually plays a hero for once, and like his other films, his acting is at the top of the line and excellent job full filling the role.
           The entire movie is on a grand scale, including the breath taking landscape shots of the Adirondacks & Upstate New York. Most importantly, the score and music of the film is incredible going along smoothly and perfectly with each scene. This alone is what makes this film an epic.

Overall Rating: A

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