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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Session 9 is one of the creepiest Horror Films ever made

What: Movie Review

              The setting is an abandoned psychological hospital that's due for some remodeling that's filled with disturbing history and patients. The characters are a 4 piece construction crew who are set to remodel the entire 3rd story building in a week's time. As the movie progresses, its clear that Session 9's own psychology begins to mess with your head, and the film relies on powerful disturbing tactics other than gore. All of this makes the film equally disturbing in its own rights and spine crushingly tingly. There are moments that defy this film as the ultimate creep show, and it will remain that way in the horror genre for quite some time. Session 9 is one of those films that will stay in your head a few days after watching and is not meant to be watched alone with the lights off.

Overall Rating: A+

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