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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Funny Bone Comedy Club a Huge Success

The Funny Bone, located in Destiny USA, is Syracuse's new comedy club.
The layout is similar to the Turning Stone with table set ups around a showroom with high ceilings.
No matter where you sit in the room, which is smaller than the Turning Stone Casino's showroom, you have a good view of the stage.
Last night was the ALL STAR comedy showcase, featuring seven total comedians and a headliner.
Each of the comedians were hysterical to say the least, and EVERYONE in the crowd was laughing out loud to every one.
Each had their own spin and topics to talk about, although Facebook was the number one. Those comedians sure didn't advertise the popular media site that well, in fact, they were VERY much against it.
There was even an African American woman comedian sharing the stage with all the guys, and a kid that was still in high school. (Unfortunately he couldn't drink obviously).
Overall, the night was hysterical, and the Funny Bone is a must for things to do nightly in Syracuse.


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