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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grouplove crank it up with "Spreading Rumors"

What: Music Review
Who: Grouplove
Their new album "Spreading Rumours"

Grouplove, the little indie rock band that could, currently just released their sophomore album a few weeks ago this year in 2013 called "Spreading Rumours".
Not just another indie rock band from L.A. (although they kind of are), Grouplove exploded onto the music scene a few years ago with hit singles "Tongue Tied" and "Colours".
Grouplove is the ultimate female male combination and features lead singers Hannah Hooper (vocals) and Christian Zuccurini, also on lead guitar.
Now they've returned with a brand new single that's tearing up radio stations "Ways to Go" and a new album.
The album is an extreme delight, a reminder of Pixies and Cranberry songs alike, (there's even a song titled Raspberry on the album) with something new and a twist thrown in.
The album is another hit from Grouplove, and it doesn't disappoint from beginning to end. Like their first album, it deserves to be listened to several times as you never get bored with any of the songs. The song benefits from strong vocals from the two lead singers who's voices blend perfectly together and are an excellent mixture for the upbeat beats & sounds behind them.
The band even experiments on this album, which sounds great & unexpected. With "Spreading Rumours", Grouplove has classified their own sound, breaking away from the comparisons to Arcade Fire.
They are a band worth noting with a bright future should they continue to produce more albums as a group.

Extra note: Grouplove will be performing in Upstate NY twice this fall in October on a college tour run, performing in Rochester & Clinton, NY.

The new single: WAYS TO GO:

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