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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brave Serenade' Sleeping Passenger is a reminder of more upcoming talent in the modern age music world

What: Music Review
 Brave Serenade

"Sleeping Passenger" is the first Ep from California native group  Brave Serenade. Hailing from San Francisco, the group consists of vocalist Keller Orourke and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Colhoun. The group has recently been accepted to Pandora's music genome project. Their Ep is also available on ITunes & amazon.
The band's a fresh reminder they are NOT an another indie pop band from Los Angeles, but rather a more mature, fresh electronic duo from the northern part of the state. Their Ep, "Sleeping Passenger" consists of five songs that are up beat and positive.
"Maybe" holds a more poppy sound, while the other tracks show a more deeper touch as the skills of Jeff & Keller hold together as a duo are fully displayed. The group's a reminder of up and coming talent in the bay area in a time where electronic music is still in full swing across most of the nation and will be for a number of years.
Grade: B+ or A-
Video for "Maybe"

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