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Sunday, September 29, 2013

KT Tunstall returns with Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon

What: Music Review
who: KT Tunstall

Scotland singer song writer KT Tunstall makes you feel at her home with her latest album, Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. The 38 year old musician returns with her fourth album and shows no sign of slowing down. Her voice is still excellent, and if anyone can carry such a full forced tune, It's KT. This album feels more intimate and relaxed than the others, especially her latest album, Tiger Suit, which may have been her worst. However KT rebounds powerfully with IECM, a soothing mixture of acoustic guitar, singing, emotion & beautiful flow.
With some artists, you can tell how much they've changed over the past few years, and this is surely true for KT Tunstall. First giving off pop rock vibes with tunes like "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree", KT now mostly uses her acoustic guitar as an advantage rather than the electric one.
The change pays off in her new album, and you could tell that most if not all the songs are deep from her heart, which always matters. Each of these songs are different from one another as well, especially the ending one (and single) "Feel it all" (not to be mixed with Fiest's "I feel it all") that's upbeat, poppy but still manages to be down to earth & a new version of KT we have not seen before.
Overall, the album succeeds and is a good welcome back to the familiar Scottish singer song writer we know.

Her new single Invisible Empire:

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