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Friday, September 27, 2013

Wild Child is the best new band of 2013

What: Music Review
Who: Wild Child

                                    Wild Child is a progressive new folk group from Austin, Texas

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the music capital of the world, is an indie folk rock group called Wild Child.  The band recently received some high critic acclaims for its previous debut album, and had won the best new band of South by Southwest Festival 2013. The group consists of lead singers Alexander Beggins & Kelsey Wilson, and four other members who all play a number of various instruments. The group recently finished their sophomore effort, The Runaround.

The bands new album is a soothing blend of indie folk music, similar to bands like the Head & The Heart and Ra Ra Riot. However, Wild Child is much more folk orientated then these groups, and you can clearly hear this influence in every one of their songs. Each song is interesting & entertaining as you can hear the work of each individual member of the band clearly with their own instruments. Kelsey Wilson has a great folk voice that blends in well with the rest of the music.  The violin, cello and ukulele are all powerful on The Runaround, as any folk music fans will love this new group.

Wild Child aren’t messing around, and are clearly one of the best new bands of this year to emerge onto the music scene.

Grade: A

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