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Monday, October 7, 2013

Kings of Leon Return with basics in Mechanical Bull

What: Music Review

Let's face it.
Kings of Leon is one of those bands we all began listening to some way or another in the past dozen years. Whether you were one of the first die hard fans who discovered them before they went big or afterwards, Kings of Leon has been defined as America's true rock band.  Back from a three year hiatus, the group has just released their new album, "Mechanical Bull," that's a break from their more commercialized tunes and a reminder of older material.
New fans should know this about Kings of Leon. You can literally see an intense, and maybe even awkward change in their music when they decided to go from their more harder edged tunes into their more commercial efforts like Come Around Sundown and Only by the Night. However, this change proved to be the right one as it was these albums that helped sky rocket the band into fame.
Now with "Mechanical Bull" the group have indeed returned to some of their earlier sounds throughout the album. It's a mixture of both hard rock edged tunes and pop commercial sounds and should be a pleasure to both old and new Kings of Leon fans alike.
Their hit single currently, "Supersoaker" is a reminder of earlier tunes and pre "sex on fire" days. Other worthwhile songs on the album include "Rock City" and "Family Tree".
While the album is a return to their older material, Kings of Leon still have plenty of room to expand if they'd like to favor who they really are instead of a more commercial rock band.

Grade: B

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